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21st Century Healthy Hotels and Resorts

The rapid onset of the novel coronavirus and resulting COVID- 19 has stopped the world-wide economy, thus adversely affecting business and industry at large. Specifically, the hospitality industry has been hard hit as the vast majority of hotel and leisure properties have been forced to close to slow the widespread advance of this virus and limit the death and pain left in its wake. It significantly affects the consumers’ confidence in travel due to concerns over individual health. This reduced confidence will likely influence hotel occupancy for many months and years into the future.


In light of the pandemic facing the world, it is paramount for hotel owners and operators to augment the physical and operational components of their hotels and resort properties to reestablish and increase occupancy and market share. It is important that the consumer has confidence in the facility, its cleanliness, and the quality of the hotel, thus selecting superior properties over that of traditional hoteliers. The implementation of modern systems, refined organizational planning metrics, and wellness components will not only make the hotel safer, but will contribute to provide a new level of wellness not currently present in hotels and resorts. The strategies identified below are applicable to not only hotels, but to many building types where people meet, work and live.