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About Us

Located in the historic Church Street District of downtown Orlando, L2 Studios, Inc. is a boutique architecture and interior design firm with extensive expertise in the hospitality and entertainment/leisure markets worldwide as well as special projects in hybrid markets. For over 25 years the practice has served blue-chip hotel and resort development companies and owners on project scopes including master-planning, concept design, architecture, interior design, furniture selection, and branding. This award-winning firm maintains its iconic client list and unique market position through exceptional creativity and thoughtful development of innovative guest experiences with a fully- integrated approach to architecture, interior design, and project delivery. This synergistic methodology has provided successful outcomes for many project types including mixed-use resorts, hotels, condominiums, spas, restaurants and bars, ballrooms, customer experience centers, and retail boutiques.  It is the mission of L2 Studios, Inc. to deliver a unique experience with utmost creativity and a holistic understanding of the objectives and vision of each client, brand, and guest.[/dt_sc_intro_section]